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Random sexuality resources: (Sasha’s sex column) (prostitution resources in Canada) (sex trade and sex community resources in Montreal);action=index (awesome transgender web ring) (Sasha’s favourite sex star on the net) (lesbian porn) (Tristan Taormino, anal sex guru) (Violet Blue, writes wicked books, and reviews porn for Good Vibes) (see Denise and Sasha in the lesbian issue!)

Burlesque allies and resources:

Our pals and all their great ventures: (the site for Lindalee Tracey’s documentary on burlesque, which features members of the Scandelles) (kickass local designers, in sexy realistic sizes) (MENTA DESIGN -superfresh multimedia goodness)

Get involved: (Reporters Without Borders) (Toronto Rape Crisis Centre and Multicultural Women Against Rape)

MENTA DESIGN - superfresh multimedia goodness