The Scandelles Journal
Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Tickets to NN are gone, my friends! Thanks for the emails, I hope to see you all there anyway. I had burlesque nightmares all night about our corporate gig tonight. Something about a Patridge Family number and lots of ridiculous Monty Python-like walking.
Kitty and I just did some photos for a local weekly (upcoming). Very funny, but now my legs are trembling from doing power squats in stilletos (I know SEXY). Kitty decided she wanted to wear a moustache with her Budweiser bikini.
Geez, I hope we don't look like idiots.
I am having one weird week. My column is dragging along like an old donkey, but I am expecting some exciting product in the mail for beaver trimming, so I'm growing the bush in a bit for research purposes.
Can I just ask an open question to women and men who masturbate with vibrators? Have you ever gotten ingrown pubes that seem suspiciously connected to this activity?
Just wondering.

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