The Scandelles Journal
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
(to the tune of we're in the money)
I have two nipples, I have two nipples, I have two nipples etc.
Yes, it's true I am no longer a hideous freak of nature (debatable, I know). Dr Stubbs did the best job cutting off my skin tag, even though I went into vampish, Theda Bara-like paroxysms in his office while my friend Michelle held my hand (mostly I held hers, to the point of pain apparently). I endured a freezing needle, then Dr. Stubbs casually and hilariously poking through a drawer to find the appropriate equipment for the removal. SCISSORS are apparently just the things, which sent me off into another bout of hysterics.Meanwhile, may i openly recommend Dr Stubbs for all your plastic surgery needs. I offered him tickets to our show, so maybe you can talk to him about it there.
Speaking of hysterics, may I just say right here that our show for the Hysteria Festival (and you may not know it from the advertising, but yes, we are part of the hysteria festival) on Saturday, November 6th at Buddies is going to be one of the most spectacular you've ever seen. And I do mean this out of all the shows in the world—film, theatre, sports, etc etc. i am so excited i may have to give away a Scandelles t-shirt to anyone who emails me at [email protected] and writes: Sasha's two nipples are excellent. Now, this would be for someone who is already planning to attend the show, you would just have to go up to Kate at the merch booth, give her your secret name (which you will give me when I email you back your winnership), and claim your prize. You are so lucky!
I would also like to thank everyone who came out to Free To Be at Lee's on the 3oth of October. Out of all the Halloween shows on the planet, you chose ours. Was the grand bush finale worth the 12 bucks or what? Mranwhile, somehow or another all the merkins I cut out and left in a very neat pile backstage got lost so people were scrambling to find them all at the last minute. Considering the amount of drink tickets Lee's gives us (like seven zillion), it's a wonder we did.

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