The Scandelles Journal
Sunday, November 28, 2004
I have been celebrating the success of Under the Mink for 3 weeks now. Enough! Time to get back to work. As an aside, buddies has offered us, based on the shows we've done there recently, a TWO WEEK THEATRICAL RUN. Yes kids, we are moving on up, as they say. This will be for their 05/06 season, but it is great news. It means that we have the space for rehearsals, we can put larger props into our budget, and we have the great technicians who work there for more than just the day of. We will be presenting Under the Mink for the first week, possibly Neon Nightz once or twice, and then maybe our Christmas pagent, the Vice Capades (like i said, it's a full year away).
We are presenting Neon Nightz on December 10th of this year at Buddies, with some new monologues and scenes.
I am giving away a free pair of tickets to the first person who emails [email protected] and says, "show me the pole!"
As you know, Neon Nightz takes place in a stripclub, so there is lots of pole dancing. That's why the winning words are relevent. Rocket Tits has now become a three piece (they were so in Mtl and kicked le ass), and have also added electronic elements to their sound. Three of them play in electronic bands, so they've been dying to add this sound to the Tits. Can't wait to hear them rehearse!
Got to rehearse myself today, for a party we are doing for taxi ad agency. they make those hilarious viagra ads.

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