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Monday, November 08, 2004
HURRAH!!!!!!! Under the Mink was the big success we wanted it to be, a crammed room, a receptive and willing audience, each performance went over perfectly.Thank you everyone who performed and attended! We are all completely elated. Mariposa one of the stunning flaggers who interpreted Marilyn Monroe, wrote a lovely piece on his feelings about the night, and posted some gorgeous photos on the site he blogs at:
Please have a look at them. I am thrilled that they got so much out of this show.
I honestly could not be more excited. We all danced the night away to Denise's tunes, chilled with Swedish drag kings, chatted with Miriam Ginestier, a choreographer from Montreal who I've mentioned (by the way, if you have not seen any of the work she does, now is your opportunity. She will be putting some stuff on this Friday at Buddies as part of Hysteria. Highly recommended!), drank double tequilas, and then, of course, as a grand finale Kitty fell of the stage and sprained her ankle.
At least she didn't do it during the show.
Everyone has a massive crush on the modern dancers, and on Kiyomi from Hunter Valentine, the band who played a song from Times Square. Even Otto Tickler expressed his lust in his cheerful yet low key tone.
I would really like to thank Eric Gold, our behind the scenes man, who edited the clips of the films we chose and did a kickass job indexing and titling them with the perfect font. Also, his wife Eva, an extremely talented massage therapist who got my back in shpae for the show.
Dr Stubbs, who I invited to the show, also emailed me today, said my nipples looked good from the stage, and gave me the great news that the item in question was not cancerous. Double Hurrah!!
The next day i met with Julie and Sparky, our hosts from London, and it looks like we'll be going back there in the spring. Back to cloud nine...

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