The Scandelles Journal
Monday, September 27, 2004
it has been a while since I posted but I have been busy. also, and not to bite the hand that feeds me free, but the new blogger settings etc are extremely confusing for stupid people who are nervous around computers.
We are mounting Neon Nightz in Montreal on October 22nd, which we are of course, ecstatic about. I look forward to a Montreal reaction to this piece, especially from my former colleagues at the Institute. (ie, ex strippers), though I am nervous. Seska Lee will be performing with us. It's nice to have a fellow sex trade worker in on the fun. Nobody does it better, as Carly Simon so eloquently put it. Planning a tour is fucking bitch, though, I will tell you that, and I feel very lucky to have a network of fine women and men in Montreal ready to spring into action on our behalf.
Under the Mink is coming along spectacularly well. Many great ideas (one of which I got when I was stoned at the Fab10th anniversary party the other night. I'm so glad my job offers me the opportunity to explore artistic avenues when I'm hammered). And of course, we are doing Free To Be at Halloween again. Hurrah! An opportunity to correct any glaring flaws (special note: apparently the finale will be in key this time, according to sources), or make new mistakes.
Kitty and I got together last night and watched some films as inspiration for Mink. She particularly liked Radley's Metzger's Score, and we are also trying to find some way of getting Otto Tickler to play Shelley Duvall in Three Women. Any suggestions on how he might interpret this wonderful role would be happily accepted. Of course, we ended up at the Communist's Daughter afterwards, a terrific little joint with a crackerjack jukebox, and don't ask me why, but my neck is killing me today. I think it's the steak I ate last night, which I try not to do anymore because I hate the idea of cows suffering but it was an expensive steak from Cumbraes and I believe they are as humane as possible (whatever that means. Maybe they let them live a long time and then sneak up behind them and conk them over the head). Anyway, I had intended to have maybe three or fours bites of it and the next thing you know I'm half naked on the kitchen floor eating it with my bare hands and snarling at the cat. Wow. I guess I needed some of that hemetoma type iron or something. I can't lie: it was fucking delicious and all I want now is another one.
We will be announcing some ticket giveaways for upcoming shows, so stay tuned, and if you need something else to read, please go to the Montreal Mirror website and check out my cover piece on boulevardier Bruce LaBruce.

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