The Scandelles Journal
Monday, July 26, 2004
What a week. I have a jillion pairs of pasties to make (just bought some scrumptious new colours!), am writing a piece for Glow mag about fabulous fashion icons (hurrah! enough money to go visit my bez friend Ab in San Fran!), etc etc, never mind one of those periods you read about in pamphlets about HELL. Just had two rum and cokes to dull the pain. Worked. For now. Hope Denise doesn't mind me dying her hair drunk tonight.
Still, looking forward to going back to Montreal.We had a solid rehearsal last week for the couple of numbers we're doing (one is a really hot new James Bond style piece grrr!) Met some girls when I was djing at Ciao who loved Boudoir...but speaking of Ciao, finally, my dream came true! I had a floor of cute groovy indie rock bois and grrrls dancing to the Organ, the Hidden Cameras, Super Furry Animals ("was that Morissey?")and Boston. What a thrill! I can't wait for the next night, which, if any of you are interested, is every third Sunday at Ciao Edie, 489 College, no cover.That's right kittens, indie rock for the queer kids.
We are also revamping the fuck out of the website—new photos, new text, new new new, with some potential job postings, so look out for it! got some great candid photos from the Free To Be show.

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