The Scandelles Journal
Monday, July 19, 2004
Okay, I FINALLY get how to do this (or so I think, wait till it evaporates when I try to publish it!).Why do internet folks have to change things every month or so and make it confusing for us dorks?
So yes, as Kitty said, the show was incredible. Good vibe and loads o' larfs, though I was a tad peeved that Kitty gave the panties I bought her to this woman, who then wore them around her neck.
As for Montreal, well, sadly, our Friday night got cancelled because we were double booked, but we will be performing at Meow Mix on Sunday, and I will still beoffering my workshop at Venez Tels Quels. We are still looking forward to a fun trip, with The Beevers, Otto, and Denise.
It looks like we have some dates lined up at Buddies for a Neon Nightz (early December) as well as possible (fingers crossed) something for Hysteria.

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