The Scandelles Journal
Monday, June 28, 2004
So do you know what happens if you run around naked for an entire weekend? You get a cold. Yes, but it was such a fun weekend. The feed back from the Free To Be show was amazing. People were coming up to me on Sunday of Pride while I was waitressing saying they were at the show and they loved it! Saturday at Savour was fun as well. I don't think I was supposed to hang from the water pipe, but nothing broke and, well, it was bloody well there, right in my face, on that stage! In any case Pride weekend was once again, such a fun celebration. Thanks to all who supported us on Thursday and Denise on Saturday. By the way, you might be surprised to know how much even a thin layer of clothing protects one from bruising. Trust me, I have welts all over my body. Maybe I will know better next time I think its perfectly natural to dance around an after party for hours with just shoes on.... Probably not.

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