The Scandelles Journal
Wednesday, June 09, 2004
It's nearly a full month since I posted, but wow, what a month. I will be in Montreal for Boudoir tomorrow, and Free To Be...The Scandelles is two weeks away.
I'll admit: I was freaking out a bit. This is a completely novel show with lots of live singing and music, (to say nothing of the fact that Cooter nearly broke her ankle and Otto's face has gone mysteriously numb) and since I hadn't been at these rehearsals, I was wondering what the fuck was going on. Were those damn kids slacking off? Not at all. I heard Dirk and the P do the finale and When We Grow Up today and I got the CHILLS. Advice for this show: bring a hanky, 'cause there's going to be some tears.Well tears, and plenty of excitement, so you may want to bring a towel for your seat too.
After going over our budget, I can afford to give away just ONE ticket through the site. If you email [email protected] and write I Heart The Scandelles, you will win this very coveted ticket! So get to it!
In other news, several of us were walking down Church the other night for Dirk's birthday and got bashed! Denise got an egg whipped right at her chest. Can you fucking believe this sort of stuff still goes on, and never mind that, that people have nothing better to do on a Friday night? I wonder what they tell their work colleagues around the water cooler on Monday. "Saturday we went to the club district, and Friday we went out and hated people. It was fucking awesome!"
So I'm going to sign off, because I have to finish my column, rehearse my pieces, make some pasties and pack for Montreal. Maybe I will see quelques de vous la?

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