The Scandelles Journal
Tuesday, June 15, 2004
damnation. I tried to post something yesterday but the new blogger system
system is obviously too complex for me. Vanessa H. won the ticket.
Congrats Vanessa.
Boudoir was fantastic and I was happily well received by the audience. Can't wait to return in July! Denise
will be DJing a stage outside of the Friday night we're doing at
Salla Rossa, and I will be giving a pasty spinning lesson at Venez
Tels Quels on the Saturday. Hmmm...I wonder if I should invite me
mom.I hesitate to call this a workshop, of course, since that strikes
me as very hand mirror and a vulva.
Last night I went to our sound engineer's little studio and worked
on some of the tunes for Free To Be. I have only one thing to say:
Otto Tickler, as gentlemanly as he appears, is a dirty gay pig.
I had dreams last night that Christians protested the show.

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