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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
I haven't posted in ages, but believe me, it's not laziness, it is a true indication of how smushed to the grindstone my nose has been lately. Why, I practically have a scab on it.
I am currently working on a piece about one of my favourite bands, the Super Furry Animals, for the brilliant CBC 3 website (just interviewed the bass player, Guto, was so nervous had the shits for like, two hours beforehand), I will be ahem, lecturing at the Powerplant on Wednesday night with some local art and academic luminaries, never mind we did a tiny tour of Montreal (me Denise and Flare with Trixie and Beever as travellig compadres) that fucking rocked my box. What a great party! thank you so much Miriam for hosting us.
Big breath...
AND we will be touring Montreal again for their Pride (July 30th at Sala Rossa), as well as preparing our own big local Pride show (Free To Be...The Scandelles) on June 24th at Buddies in Bad Times. Cooter is also starring in a big ass queer musical theatre show that her wife wrote for Summerworks, so we've all been just a bit busy.
Another big breath...
Cooter and I are also doing numbers at Shane Percy's Grapefruit on Friday, along with the big Mayworks show on Sunday at the Gladstone.
And of course, Neon Nightz is in the works again, but we're looking at dates, special guests and so on. That's right, special guests to DJ the afterparty and no I'm not saying who. We have decided if we are going to do it at Lee's again, we'll have to do it earlier so that stupid people don't get so trashed AND YELL AT ME WITH THEIR BIG STUPID BOYFRIENDS DURING THE MONOLOGUES. I loved when I reprimanded her and she yelled at me, "Oh, it's all about you, isn't it?" Yes, you daft twat, it is. That's why it's MY play!
Aside from that, the show was wonderful and that pole Rick built us? Oh that pole, floor to ceiling is the way to go! Rocket Tits kicked ass as usual, with Otto stepping in For Your Daddy Don't Know beautifully.
What about this weather we're having, eh? How the hell is a person supposed to work when all she wants to do is stand outside listening to the latest SFA CD and yelling "Hello Sunshine!!!!"

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