The Scandelles Journal
Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Holy crap, what a fun week-end. Kitty's birthday party was Thursday so that just set things off in the right direction. We celebrated at a cute little joint on Bathurst, then did some extremely beautiful modern style dancing for the other patrons. Managed to not kick her in the head this time. So Friday was fun, although by the time we got onstage, which was late, we'd had a bit to drink. I tripped over the remaining candy from Cooter's sugar plum number, then couldn't get my fucking robe off for my silent film piece. Have you ever seen that Pink Panther film when Peter Sellers can't get his tie off in the middle of a grand seduction (of Elke Sommer I believe) and he just ends up with it around his head? Bingo.Anyway, Sunday was terrific, everyone did a kickass job but those Ladies First girls just stole the show with their Boobs number. Great props, beautiful costumes,very comic. Loved it.I will be returning to Montreal on June the 10 for the Boudoir party. Can't WAIT to have some time in my hometown. I'm sure I'll turn into the soggy nostalgic blubberpuss I always do, but I'm really looking forward to walking around and visiting all the old well loved spots. I cannot wait to stroll the the Jean Talon Market and look at all the flower flats (and flirt with all the farmers and butchers, of course).

The free to be show looks like it's going to be wonderful. We may have found ourselves a banjo player, who not only plays traditional banjo, but interprative banjo as well. There is not much more out of life that a person could ask for than having an interprative banjo player for their burlesque show, I think.Perhaps a ukulele player, but the Diva seems to be indisposed these days.Off on one of her haiku trips, I suppose.

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