The Scandelles Journal
Thursday, April 01, 2004
Double hurrah. All the grrrls love the bikinis (despite the mesh critches, I did mean crotches, but I now love the word critch) and they all look gorgeous in them. Now to get them in those dang tanning beds!
We received an oustanding review for Neon Nightz (the one we put on in January) in Xtra this week, along with a hott pic of Trixie and Venus in full Couple Erotique mode to promote this Friday. I am deeeeelighted, because you know darling, when the fags love you, you're only a few years away from Vegas! I got the paper last night and read it on College, leaping up and down and then calling everyone.
Am having a bitch of a time writing my column this week (have not heard back from slutty wife) but am also too excited to think of anything but tomorrow. Am still in pajamas/work clothes, precisely the advice I intend not to give another freelancer this week.
Also bought a pair of tiger striped underpants for Otto, which look, well, fucking amazing on him. Again, ladies, don't stand too close. You may get it in the eye.
See you on Friday...

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