The Scandelles Journal
Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Wednesday morning Sasha:
off to the latest Neon Nightz photo shoot in 45 mins and I'm a minor wreck, but nothing five pounds of fucshia eye shadow can't fix. It looks like Otto Tickler will be playing Chad Logan in this NN, so you know there will be a dearth of panties!
I am offering a pair of free tickets to Neon Nightz (april 2 at Lee's, 12 bones) for the first person who emails me at [email protected] and says "I heart the scandelles".
Had a great chat with Seska last night (check out her burlesque troupe in mtl at about shows etc. They had one on Monday. I make pasties for them and I love going online and finding pictures of them wearing them. I may not be in Mtl, but my pasties are! Sniff.
I have a bit more work to do before this hellish few weeks is over and I am NOT taking on one more writing assignment till NN is over. That's IT!
Off to be glamorous with the gals...

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