The Scandelles Journal
Friday, March 26, 2004
Our server got hit with a porn smorgasborg and we were down for a week! But we're back in black, and we've hit the sack etc.
So Neon Nightz is coming along fabulously. Tinkering with the latest monologue about the East European dancers, dealing with pole drama, and just went out shopping and bought matching bikinis for Trixie, Venus, and Kitty for the finale (hopefully they'll wear them since the critches are mesh). I WILL MAKE THEM BECAUSE I AM THE BOSS OF THE BIKINIS. Also bought Otto a beautiful and very macho necklace. Ladies, don't get too close or you might get knocked out by it.
Some news: the very same night Cooter will be performing at High Femme Friday in their super duper curvey wervey gurly wurly show. If you like your ladies big 'n' fancy, this is the night for you. I also think Cooter did some of the choreography for this night so it's bound to be wikkid 'cause her numbers kick ass.
gotta run and meet my friend Mama. Crashed and fucking burned at Ciao's last Sunday. No, I do NOT have any hip hop or r and b. Seriously, I know there's some fucking indy rawk lezzies out there.

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