The Scandelles Journal
Sunday, February 01, 2004
Well it's turning into the battle of the finales for V Day. will it be Kitty's food fight idea or Venus' thriller number? Or a Thriller Food Fight? Ah, the theatre. Life truly is a cabaret etc.
so much work to do for My Bloody Valentine I don't even know where to start.
It's Sunday. just had a nice exchange with the Pontani Sisters about exchanging links, also considering some April dates for the NN remount.
Got excellent prizes from Come As You Are for bare-a-oke, and a few people have signed up in advance, which is great because at the last show only one person wanted to do it (which was weird because there's usually like, ten people trying to get into the dressing room like there's free hotdogs in there or something) and then when everyone found out that there was only one person, they all rushed the stage when it was too late to get them in costumes and pasties and give them music. Human beings. Will they ever stop being human beings?

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