The Scandelles Journal
Friday, February 06, 2004
well it's Friday night and I am staying in to rest and watch Buttferfield Eight and the Swimmer. Didsome column "research" with Denise, my test buttocks, with Foreigner's greatest hits providing an excellent soundtrack (especially double vision, considering what we got up to!), then off we scampered to the Communist's Daughter to meet up with Misha, and where we ran into Kristy (DJ Secret Agent for those of you following her heady career) and her friend Gretchen. Was it Gretchen? God knows, after all that vodka. Denise commandeered the jukebox, I ran into a woman I used to work with (Rona), who was convinced the bartender was out to get her. High jinx! Misha reminded me of a t-shirt I made him like, seventeen years ago, then I freaked him out by remembering the most ridiculous details of things we did together. Actually, I kinda freaked myself out too, especially since I can't even fucking remember what I did this morning.
Oh wait! Yes I do! I will be on the Sunday report on CBC television at, like ten in the morning talking about Janet Jackson's tits. Then I will be on Rick Mercer's show on Monday night, where I was completely inarticulate on the issue of non-monogamy, or at least I came across as a rabid anti-monogamist (therefore totally unromantic and mean, of course!) Jesus Christ, I'm beginning to feel like one of those crazy anti-circumcision activists. I believe I am becoming the Msrk Kingwell of breasts and fucking.
Anyway, show's coming along beautifully, and I hear the Skin Tight gals have something amazing planned too. Was in Nearly Naked today talking to Maya, who revealed one of Sauci's more...saucy numbers. You'll see! Amore! Amore!∞

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