The Scandelles Journal
Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Okay so seriously? It was Otto's suggestion that Kitty not wear underpants under her rubber skirt for the highland sword dance. "It's ruining the line," he said. Never listen to Otto when it comes to underpants issues, you know he's always going to tell you not to wear them, no matter what! Still, was that gorgeous or what? Once again, people lost their minds for Cooter's Sugar Plum number. Chad kept wanting to do the finale over and over because he loved the music so much, and my cousin Marcella was here from Holland and loved the show! I was very happy about that 'cause she's my first family member to see it ever.
Best show! So much fun, off without a hitch nearly. Misha gave pasties away relentlessly. I feel down the stairs from the DJ booth in my Falcon Crest dress after the show and fucking killed myself trying not to spill my drink (only minorly successful). Thank you amazing audience. We love you, and I hope to see some of you at the TRCC bowlathon on Feb 28th!
And guess what?! We have Lee's for Neon Nightz on Friday, April 2nd. Hurrah!

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