The Scandelles Journal
Monday, January 05, 2004
Trixie has just designed the most unbelievable flyer for Neon Nightz, so I'm all in a tizzy over that (January 23 at Buddies, by the way). Also, our date at Lee's is February 13th, and yes, Cooter will be redoing the Sugarplum Fairy for all you poor dudes who had to be away. Hope your holidays were good. Also, I have retired the balloon dance but someone else in the cast has generously offered to do it and it's one of the boys! How spectacular. For once it won't be me pooing glitter out from putting it into balloons and blowing them up!
Denise and I went to Niagara Falls, sat in a hottub and got drunk for New Years. I nearly had a seizure from the hot water, red wine, and some serious humping, and lay on the floor saying "I CAN"T FEEL MY HANDS" for about fifteen minutes, which was really sexy and just what we were looking for in our romantic getaway. Trixie and Beever, Flare and Kirsty joined us the next day, and we had a gorgeous tour of the area, which ended at the Sundowner stripclub, where some fucking teenybopper in the bathroom told Trixie, get this, that her guy friend thought she was "a hot cougar." Trixie said, "tell him fuck you very much." the word cougar has been over and misused, but it did give us a hilarious idea for a skit called Cougar Corner. All I can say from that experience is what I always say whenever I come out of a stripclub: stripping ain't what it used to be, but it sure is fun.
I am having a hard time focusing on any other work other than staring at the flyer. I also went to Hardboiled today to get our t-shirts for NN. Can't wait to mount the flyer on the web site!

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