The Scandelles Journal
Saturday, January 17, 2004
oh bluh. Got a bunch of bottles of wine from friends who are wine experts (somaliers?) with just a smidge missing, which means they're ALL open which means I'm testing all of them. Boo boo bee doo...
Okay, so, Sheila is the big winner of the Valentine's tix, thank you Sheila, for taking the time to read, what is being called in the New York Review of Books, one the greatest biographies in modern history, OUR JOURNAL.
Two things: look for members of the Scandelles (okay, me and Venus Lakes) in the next issue of Flare Magazine. I cannot give any details, but when I can, I will tell the story about how I lost my SHIT in front of a bunch of some of the world's best make-up artists and a few really sexy models. Nevertheless, I was super proud to be out there repping for the big ass bitches. Also, upcoming Xtra magazine. Cover. That's all I can say. Media whore? You're goddamn right. They gave me LUNCH for fuck's sake, and it was poached salmon.
I spent the day "finessing" my NN monologues, and by "finessing" I do mean spazzing over minor details. I am about to step into the tub to prepare for Savour at Andy Poolhall.

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