The Scandelles Journal
Monday, January 26, 2004
hurrah hurrah hurrah, we got a standing ovation for Neon Nightz, and what a night it was. Honestly, I couldn't have WILLED it to go better. We were in love with the crowd and the crowd loved us back. Cannot WAIT to mount it again. We were so excited that we took the crazy energy to Tallulah's Cabaret after the show and Beever took her pants off and then well, we all had to take out pants off and the next thing you know, there was that lesbian orgy I was looking for. I also got to meet Maurice Vellekoop one of my fav arteests, who said he liked my column and I practically threw my drink at him I was so excited. He's had work on the cover of the New Yorker, which makes him the bomb in my little world.
I am so proud and happy right now I could do a cartwheel but I can't because it's too cluttered in my apartment and it's snowing like when I was little outside.
Thanks to everyone who emailed me afterwards to continue sharing the massive love. Ps- did you see me on the cover of Xtra? Hey Bunny Belly!
Can't wait for my Bloody Valentine's now. so i'm just going to say that it is Chad Logan doing the balloon dance but that is the only detail I will divulge because his interpretation is going to blow your ass off. I will also be doing a number at Santa Cruz on February 14th, which I look forward to 'cause Tyler's such a groover, then it's off to Andy Poolhall to hang with my lady. She's a very special lady.
Spoke to Dirk on the phone today who propped NN on JackFM today, where she's now co-hosting with Rob Christie on the morning show. So proud of her.
Ps- if anyone was wondering why my beav was so bare at NN, it's because I was body painted the week before and had to shave completely. Usually I like a little more bush than that, FYI. Felt a bit windy down there but oh well. It's for art, for fuck's sake.

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