The Scandelles Journal
Monday, December 22, 2003
wow. wow wow wow wow! The Vice Capades rocked! We hadn't done a nearly fully original show in a while (there were maybe three of our classic numbers in this pagent) and it was amazing. I've gotten a few emails saying it was our best show to date. I think people really like the inclusion of many skit style numbers, which is great because that's the direction we have been discussing taking and getting positive feedback on that was really confirming.
Cooter got a standing ovation (yep!) for her Sugar Plum Fairy number and people kept raving to me afterwards about her voice, which apparently nobody knew was unbelievable. I hate to say it but I'm almost glad the world of theatre and musical theatre is so "small-minded". That means we get all these incredibleand sexy performers! Ha ha world of musical theatre! Take that!
Denise told me she had tears of laughter streaming down her face for Frosty the Snow, Man, when Kitty came out in the gas mask and unitard (my favourite word!) and began leaping around. We decided not to rehearse that number so that it would really have the "happening" feel.
I would like to thank everyone who came out, our cast (special props to the Professor, who learnt about fifty songs in a month), and friends. What a great way to start off the horrible holidays. Oh by the way, hi Kate. Where's my effing knitting needles. See you tonight at Mama's. Thanks for the pre show massage Cori. And how about that Jenn Clamen from the Sex Workers Coalition in Mtl, selling the fuck out of our merch, so that Cori and Kate could actually sit and watch the show for once. also, thanks to Chad and his boyfriend Blair for making out in front of me and Jenn at the end of the night. Not to be gross and opportunistic, but don't you just love watching boys neck? It makes my fucking pants itch, I love it so much.

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