The Scandelles Journal
Wednesday, December 10, 2003
London was kickass. We were treated like rock stars by the women who hosted us, and the show was a delight and well-received by women from nineteen to into sixties. A beautiful, supportive vibe and delicious breakfast. AND we got to stay at a house with a dog (Lucy, a rescued and big sucky pitbull) and three cats (Stinky and gang). Lucy slept with us for half the n ight, taking up half the bed. Loved it! The drag kings were terrific, although I didn't get to see their finale because I was too busy looking for Kitty, who I thought had been kidnapped from the parking lot. Of course, she was in the audience wetting her Olivia Newton panties!!!
My friend Kate says we don't get to talk much lately and is glad I have a blog so she can read about what I'm doing. Hi Kate! Where's my @#$% knitting needles?
I'm listening to Carole King at the moment, Tapestry, my mom's favourite back in the early seventies for housecleaning. Kate, you're so far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore...Carole King: our moms Liz Phair.
The Vice Capades is coming along beautifully. The cast's enthusiasm is bubbling over, which is amazing. Watched another rehearsal with Cooter and Kitty the other night. At the risk of sounding overblown, was I on the set of Fame? Wow!
We got buddies for Neon Nightz for sure, looks like Friday the 23rd of January. Can't wait to hit the big stage...

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