Kitty's grandparents made her take traditional highland dancing when she
was seven, competing in Scottish games, donning tight fitting shoes,
itchy woolen argyle socks, starched jackets and heavy pleated tartan
kilts. Though she loved to be on stage, this was not the whimsical world
of dance a young girl might seek. Finally mom and dad let Kitty take
jazz and musical theatre lessons. This is where her love for performing
really began. Many years of theatre school, hanging out, making stage
sets, singing, learning choreography and smoking in the alley with the
rest of the weirdos that spent their summers pent up in a dark theatre,
was bliss for Kitty. Post-graduate school took her to The Randolph
Academy, after which Kitty was set up for some interesting performing
jobs: touring the mid-west U.S. casino circuit in a beach band sporting
not much more than a bikini, some nude interludes in art films, some
generic musical theater summer stock productions. Kitty realized she was
not going to find her niche working in the irksome world of
picture-resume-audition-we'll-call-you ranks. She met up with The
Dangerettes and started performing with Sasha Van Bon Bon. After the
infamous Dangerettes folded, Sasha and Kitty began The Scandelles, and
the rest is history. Kitty feels like she has found a home with
performers that have an incredible sense of humor and real raw talent to
boot! Kitty is truly the dark horse of the Scandelles: cool, sensual,
and a natural born exhibitionist, she still manages to keep her cards
close to her heart.