Cooter Nipplestein was born in the prairies and spent most of her life
trying to escape. At an early age Cooter started with singing lessons
and moved into modern dance.This was all part of her master plan to
become a musical theatre STAR! She trained in all aspects of dance:
ballet ( including those evil pointe shoes), jazz, tap, and modern.
There is nothing like being in a room full of scantily clad, sweaty,
girls rolling on top of each other! Mmm...modern!
When she was just nineteen she moved to Toronto to attend the Randolph
Academy of the Performing Arts, bringing on her heels the worst snow
storm ever from the prairies. She was a wonderful student but three
years later realized that unless she swooned the tunes of ABBA or lost a
hundred pounds there would be no place in musical land for her. If you
are ever watching the Life Network at 4am you may still see this
documented in a show called Class Act, the first time and last time
Cooter would EVER be considered classy! Cooter also met her wife,
Areola, while filming this documentary.
Two months after graduating from Randolph Cooter saw the Scandelles
Valentines Day show at Lee's Palace and the performance bug bit her
again.Cooter got into burlesque by begging Sasha to give her a shot.
Sasha kindly agreed to let her perform with them as an amateur and the
rest is history. With her glass shattering voice, classical dance
skills, and a rapier wit, Cooter is now an integral part of the
Scandelles. She is pleased to represent big beautiful women everywhere. A recent highlight in Cooter's career was winning an Anna Nicole Smith
lookalike contest (beating out some serious drag queens) and being flown
to LA with her wife to meet Ann Nicole.