Trixie Easybake is a relative newcomer to performing with The Scandelles, but is no stranger to the troupe. Trixie and her partner Beever have long been loyal fans, and have presented special burlesque collections of their handmade accessories at several Scandelles shows. It is nearly impossible to write about Trixie without a few words about Beever. This multitalented pair works together designing and making the products of their company Barbie’s Basement Jewellery, and occasionally exhibit multimedia pieces at Toronto art galleries S.P.I.N, Zsa Zsa and (upcoming) Paul Petro. As performers, they have combined elements of burlesque, vaudeville and drag to entertain audiences at Vazaleen, Club Casanova, Strange Sisters and several other Buddies In Bad Times events. For over three years, they have hosted monthly Trailer Trash Bingo nights at Toronto’s infamous Bovine Sex Club. Trixie’s burlesque specialty thus far has centered around humorous explorations of the domestic goddess, plus a Neon Nightz trip through Montreal peeler bars. She’d like to stomp all over the line between good girls and bad girls with a pretty high-heeled slipper.